When welfare grows out of Love & Care

When there is much honey, it is easy to fill big pots - in the same way, Biji Surinder Kaur (BSK) Welfare Society was established as a vessel for a high quality honey which had already been richly available for a long time. Biji Surinder Kaur and her late husband, Dr Harbhajan Singh, have always been helping the poor and needy in their surroundings, and their attitude remained unchanged even in the most difficult situations, as in times of war, flood and other emergencies. Based on this long experience and in response to the need of the time, the BSK Welfare Society was formed in the year 2010 with the task to provide and further a prerequisite of life: dignity, as a human being and as soul, giving anyone a chance for raising it.

Numerous volunteers have joined together in the BSK Welfare Society to alleviate the dire situation of the poor in rural India on a much larger scale than before. Our current activities comprise: Woman empowerment, medical help for the poor and needy, education, social emergencies, children adoption.

The Biji Surinder Kaur Welfare Society has grown fast into a network which is developing social projects, starting from the territory of Punjab and spreading all over India.